After a full week loaded with chores and commitments, all you want to do is to take it easy and relax during the weekend. It’s almost impossible to do this when you have a natural lawn that needs constant care and attention to stay healthy. Because of this, more and more homeowners are choosing to cover their backyards with low-maintenance and stress-free artificial grass in Tracy.

Why Synthetic Turf is Perfect for Busy Homeowners

With the nonstop demands of family, work and personal life, many homeowners have no idea how to squeeze lawn maintenance into their busy schedules. Not everyone has the budget to hire lawn care professionals either. Synthetic grass in Tracy offers the best and most cost-effective solution:

1. No trimming or mowing

Gone are the days of wasting weekends on mowing the grass, pulling up weeds or trimming the edges of your backyard. Artificial turf doesn’t grow, and it maintains its perfect height from the day it was installed. Instead of spending those precious weekends running the lawnmower, you can spend it with your family and other things you want to do instead.

2. No watering or applying fertilizers

Water and lawn care chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides and weedicides are essential to a healthy lawn. Unfortunately, you will always have to do these tasks if you want to keep your lawn alive. Not only is it time-consuming, but it costs a lot of money to buy these chemicals and pay for the water bill, too.

Since turf stays green and lush without water or chemicals, you can take these tasks off your hectic schedule.

3. Clean-up is a breeze

When you’ve got pets and kids, the backyard is ground zero for the mess. Just a bit of rain can lead to muddy footprints and paw prints from the lawn to the house. If the ground is too packed, you could be dealing with a flooded yard and pools of urine. Got real grass around your swimming pool? Be prepared for debris, dirt and leaves always dirtying up the water.

You don’t have to spend a minute with these issues when you switch to synthetic grass for pets in Tracy. Turf has a permeable backing that can drain several gallons of water per minute, which means no floods and puddles, and a surface that quickly dries out after being in contact with moisture. When used as a pool surround, it will help keep the water pristine and clear because there are no dirt and leaves that will get into the pool.

As for cleaning up your backyard, simply rinse stains, spills and pet urine with a mild soapy water solution. Pick up debris as usual, and brush the turf from time to time to keep it fluffy and lush. This takes an hour or so every few months at most.

Enjoy a Beautiful and Hassle-Free Artificial Yard

Spend more time enjoying the outdoors than working on it with artificial grass in Tracy! The low-maintenance properties of turf make it perfect not just for busy homeowners, but for those who want to reduce the time, effort and resources they spend on their lawns. Tracy Artificial Grass is ready to help you explore the possibilities of synthetic turf. Call us at 408-723-4954, and let’s get you started with a free estimate!