Lawn maintenance involves a lot of physically-demanding tasks such as pushing the lawnmower, carrying and spreading fertilizer and constant watering. Too often, seniors who can’t keep up with yard work end up with an overgrown, ugly lawn filled with holes, dead grass and bare spots. Switching to the highest quality artificial grass in Tracy allows elderly individuals to enjoy a low-maintenance yard that stays beautiful and lush all year long.

The Challenges of Working with Natural Lawns

Taking care of the yard is considered one of the most difficult parts of homeownership. Aside from daily lawn chores, it also involves seasonal maintenance work such as:

  • Raking leaves
  • Layering mulch
  • Pulling out weeds
  • Treating the yard for pests
  • Reseeding and replanting
  • Pruning plants
  • Trimming hedges
  • And more

For many elderly individuals, these tasks are not just harder to accomplish, but they can also pose real hazards. Working with heavy lawn equipment and walking on uneven terrain can increase the risk of accidents and falls. Eventually, the stress and hassle of yard upkeep can become too much for aging individuals to take on.

Simplifying Lawn Care for Seniors with Artificial Grass

The highest-quality artificial grass in Tracy gives seniors a safer, much easier way to keep their yards looking perfectly-manicured and functional. It also eliminates the expense of paying for professional help. All it takes is expert installation, and you’ve got a vibrant, green lawn that will last for years with minimal upkeep.

Switching to artificial grass offers seniors these advantages:

  1. A low-maintenance lawn – Synthetic turf eliminates almost all yard chores. It does not require watering, mowing, cutting, fertilizing, mulching and other routine care. Cleaning dirty spots is as easy as a quick rinse and brushing the blades occasionally to restore its original look and feel.
  1. Versatile surface – Exercise, fresh air and outdoor time are essential to the health of senior individuals. Installing artificial grass can encourage them to get out more, especially when you add fun features such as a golf putting green in Tracy.
  1. Even, safer terrain – Artificial turf can be fitted as smooth and evenly as you want it. This reduces the presence of trip hazards such as undulations and slopes. Synthetic grass is also resistant to pressure and heavyweights, so there are no more holes or dips that can cause falls.
  1. Pet-friendly run– An excellent way to help seniors care for their dogs is to install synthetic grass for pets in Tracy. It gives their pooches a place to run and roam without damaging the grass. It’s also easy to clean up liquid wastes, and there are no toxins or allergens to threaten their canine companions.

Tracy Artificial Grass: Your Trusted Turf Team

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