As a pet owner, you probably have a complicated relationship with your lawn. On the one hand, it’s an outdoor space for your four-legged friend to play in and explore. On the other hand, it is difficult to maintain, gathers waste fast, invites all kinds of pests, and often has your dog tracking dirt and mud indoors. Fortunately, you can solve most of these problems with a synthetic putting green in Tracy.

How Pets Benefit from Synthetic Grass

With artificial grass, you can give your pet a lush, green playground that is:

  • Safe

Synthetic turf is safer for pets compared to natural turf. Here’s why:

• Pests avoid artificial grass, reducing the risk of your pet disturbing an ant hill or coming home with fleas.
• Synthetic lawns are toxin-free. They don’t need fertilizers, pesticides, or any other type of toxic chemical to thrive.
• Artificial turf is allergen-free. Not all dogs and cats react well to grass pollen. If your pet is allergic, a natural lawn can become a dangerous place for them during the pollen season.

  • Paw-friendly

Synthetic grass for pets in Tracy is designed to be gentle on the paws, which removes the risk of cuts and scrapes during boisterous runs. With the right infill, it also doesn’t heat up as fast as natural turf.

  • Realistic

You’re not robbing your pets of the natural grass experience with artificial turf—you’re giving them a better experience. Synthetic grass comes in a wide selection of realistic textures, colors, and lengths. It makes it easy to recreate the natural look with a more comfortable, paw-friendly feel.

How Pet Owners Benefit from Artificial Grass

Let’s take a closer look at how synthetic turf will make your life easier.

  • Minimize Post-Romp Cleanups

Your pet can’t track mud, dirt, and grass stains indoors if they didn’t come in contact with them. This is how synthetic turf makes it easier to keep your pet and your home clean.

  • Solve Pet Potty Problems

While you can’t stop your pets from doing their business in your lawn, you can reduce the adverse effects of their waste with artificial grass in Tracy. Say goodbye to:

unpleasant odor due to pet waste
grass discoloration due to pet urine
the accumulation of moisture due to inefficient drainage

Synthetic turf drainage system efficiently diverts moisture down into the underlying soil—regardless of whether it came from the hose, your pet, or the sky. Hose off pet waste without worrying about its odor and moisture sticking around!

  • Spend Less Time and Money on Lawn Upkeep

To maintain a natural grass lawn, you need to have a budget for irrigation, soil improvement, weed management, and pest control. Then, you need to water, clean, weed, and mow it regularly. Artificial turf upkeep, on the other hand, only involves:

Hosing off dirt and waste
Keeping it clear of leaves and other debris
Brushing its grass blades frequently

  • Enjoy Consistent and Lush, Green Grounds All Year Round

Synthetic grass stays picture-perfect the entire year with minimal maintenance. It stays flat when installed on any surface, making it perfect for all types of terrain. Also, since your pet can’t dig into it, it remains free of dips and holes.

Happy Pet, Happy Life

Give your pets the perfect playground without increasing lawn upkeep and post-play cleanups. Upgrade your lawn with artificial grass!

For durable, realistic, and easy-to-maintain synthetic putting green in Tracy, we at Tracy Artificial Grass have you covered. Call us today at (209) 714-2744 and let our experts take care of your artificial grass installation needs!