Nowadays, artificial grass is a popular option not only for lawns and gardens but also for recreational spaces like a putting green in Tracy. It offers a low-maintenance, evergreen groundcover that comes with high-quality ball roll and a wide array of realistic turf options. Take advantage of these qualities to up your golfing skills. Personalize your own putting greens with these customization tips!

4 Useful Putting Green Customization Tips

Another advantage of synthetic grass for putting greens is its ready-made design. You just need to lay it out on the designated surface, add the fringe grass, and you’re good to go. Hire a professional artificial turf installer in Tracy to enjoy seamless results.

If you want to maximize your golf experience at home, you need to be smart with your putting green design. Develop a layout that caters to your skill goals. Consider these when you plan your putting green:

1. Establish the exact location of your putting green.

This is crucial, especially if you have an expansive property. Choose a spot for your miniature golf course and define its boundaries. Consider shaded areas to keep out of the sun when you practice your putting and chipping shots. Steer clear of places with a lot of distraction, like areas near the road, when you select your putting green location.

2. Choose a size that you’re comfortable with.

Just because you have the space to spare, doesn’t mean you should use every inch of it for your putting green in Tracy. Consider your skill objectives. If you want to improve your short strokes, a small putting green space will do. If you want to hone your ability to get around course obstacles, go for a huge setup that’s brimming with slopes, inclines, and other challenges.

3. Pattern your putting green after your favorite course’s.

Every golfer has a favorite layout in their go-to golf course. Replicate yours with artificial grass. Base your home golfing space after your desired putting green to help you develop a signature swing to win it. Inform your installer of the exact grass height, thatch and color used in your favorite course to perfectly copy its look for your personal putting green.

4. Consider your game progression.

Doing the same putt or stroke over and over can get boring after a while. This is easily avoided by adding sand traps, bunkers and other challenging features to your course. Ask your turf installer to create slopes and ridges in your putting green as well. Invest in the best synthetic grass in Tracy for diverse customization options.

Ready, Get Set, GOLF!

Getting a personal putting green is a precious investment for honing your golfing skills and mastering your shots. Go beyond basic putting surfaces and customize your course for maximum enjoyment —Tracy Artificial Grass can show you how!

Count on our team of highly skilled installers to create putting greens specific to your space, needs and preferences. We work only with the finest synthetic grass, so you can expect durable, low-maintenance turf for your home’s outdoor spaces! Aside from artificial grass for golf courses, we also provide low-maintenance synthetic grass for pets in Tracy. Call us now at 408-723-4954 and let’s talk about your putting green installation project!