Keeping a live lawn lush and green can be an expensive undertaking. It involves watering the turf daily, trimming or mowing the grass regularly, and applying chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides occasionally, among other costly tasks. Fortunately, these expenses can be easily minimized, if not eliminated, by installing synthetic grass in Tracy.

How Artificial Grass Reduces Lawn Care Expenses

Since it’s synthetic, artificial grass doesn’t need most of the yard maintenance tasks essential to the survival of the real thing. Here’s a close look at the various ways switching to synthetic grass can lower your upkeep expenses:

• Reduces Water Consumption

Natural grass needs a lot of water to stay lush, green and healthy. It’s why households with live lawns typically have high water bills, especially during the summer months.

Artificial grass in Tracy, on the other hand, doesn’t need water to thrive. It stays vibrant without upping your water consumption, even in drought-prone California. Synthetic turf upkeep only requires water when washing or rinsing off persistent waste.

• Removes Need for Expert Upkeep Services

Live lawns typically require a ton of time to maintain. Homeowners with busy schedules often rely on maintenance service companies to keep their yard looking and feeling great, which increases their upkeep budget. Expert lawn care doesn’t come cheap. Fortunately, this is not necessary with artificial grass. It stays in top condition with minimal maintenance.

• Eliminates Lawn Maintenance Chemicals

Natural grass requires fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide to maintain its lushness, keep pests at bay, and get rid of unwanted vegetation, respectively. Most of these solutions are not costly but also filled with toxic substances that are harmful to the environment.

Synthetic grass in Tracy doesn’t need chemicals because it stays healthy regardless of the fertility of the soil it covers. Unlike the real thing, it also doesn’t attract pests and encourage the growth of unwanted plants. Take off lawn upkeep chemicals from your monthly budget and give back to the environment when you cover your yard with artificial grass.

• Save on Equipment and Operating Costs

Maintenance equipment, such as rakes, lawn mowers and sprinkler systems, can take up a significant portion of yard upkeep budgets. Electricity, fuel and other costly factors are needed to keep most of them functional. Remove them from your lawn concerns when you switch to synthetic turf.

Save Money with Synthetic Grass

If you want a yard cover that stays green throughout the year and doesn’t need costly upkeep solutions, you can never go wrong with artificial grass. It stays pristine with minimal maintenance and is built to last for up to 15 years or more.

On top of that, artificial grass is suited for various applications and comes in types specific to different functions. Thinking of upgrading your lawn for your dog? Install synthetic grass for pets in Tracy. Want to turn your yard into a personal golf course? Invest in top-quality artificial putting greens.

Spend less on lawn upkeep today. Get in touch with Tracy Artificial Grass, your trusted artificial grass installer, to learn more about the amazing budget-diminishing benefits of synthetic turf. Call us now at 408-723-4954!