The growing popularity of synthetic grass in Tracy has resulted in a wide range of turf products in the market. With so many brands available, it can be difficult to tell the good ones from the bad. Maximize your investment by learning how to select high-quality turf and spot turf red flags.

4 Qualities of Excellent Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf is a large and long term investment, so it’s natural to be concerned about your budget. However, avoid cutting corners when it comes to your new artificial lawn. The cheapest option may save you a few dollars initially, but shoddy products and workmanship can cause expensive issues later on.

On the other hand, artificial grass in Tracy doesn’t have to cost a fortune when you know what you’re looking for. Focus on quality rather than cost, and look for:

1. Premium Materials

First-class synthetic grass is made from polyethylene, polyamide, polypropylene or a mixture of all three materials. Turf fibers made of these materials are durable, weather-resistant, UV light-resistant and looks and feels like real grass.

2. A Combination of Shades

No one wants a fake-looking lawn, and poorly made turf looks more like plastic than grass. When choosing artificial grass for your yard, don’t go for the greenest ones since they tend to look extremely unnatural. Instead, select artificial grass in Tracy with varying shades. Consider a mix of dark green, olive green and lime green for the most lifelike visuals.

3. Well-Stitched Tufts

Well-stitched backing and tufts will determine the integrity of your synthetic grass and how well it’ll stand up to natural wear and tear. Check the turf for consistent, evenly spaced stitches that mark superior artificial grass.

4. Higher Density and Weight

The density of synthetic turf refers to how many synthetic yarns are there in each square foot. The denser the turf, the softer and more durable it typically is. In addition, top-quality turf usually weighs more than their counterparts.

Tell-Tale Signs of Subpar Turf

On the flip side, it’s also important to identify the signs of inferior artificial grass. Stay away from turf products with the following issues:

• Thin Fibers

Generally, thicker and wider fibers indicate quality synthetic grass in Tracy. Wide fibers are more resilient than narrow ones, allowing them to bounce back like real grass. If you feel like the blades in the sample are too thin, you’re probably better off looking for better turf to buy.

• Striping

This happens when a differently colored yarn makes its way into the sheet of artificial grass. It ruins the effect of the grass by appearing as a noticeable, unsightly stripe down your new lawn.

• Yarn Loss

Excessive yarn loss is another sign of poor-quality turf. Test artificial grass for this issue by asking for a sample, then pulling it from the middle. If there’s no shedding and there’s excellent resistance, then it’s constructed well. Avoid products that shed too much yarn.

Tracy Artificial Grass: Your Synthetic Grass Specialists

When buying artificial grass, keep in mind that it should last up to 15 years or more. Enjoy every single day with your synthetic lawn when you invest in excellent turf products and artificial turf services in Tracy! Let Tracy Artificial Grass help you make the best decisions for your brand-new artificial yard. Call us at 408-723-4954 today!