Affordable artificial turf services in Tracy don’t just help you save money in the long run — you also save time and effort thanks to its low-maintenance quality. Let these easy maintenance tips shed light on what you can expect in terms of taking care of your new synthetic lawn.

How to Maintain Synthetic Grass Lawns

Natural grass might be beautiful, but it demands a lot in terms of upkeep. You’ll need to spend a lot of money and time on keeping the grass alive and green, and most homeowners in Tracy simply don’t want that burden tacked on their endless to-do list.

For a green yard that doesn’t require much work, high-quality artificial grass in Tracy is the solution. Its easy maintenance requirements include:

  • Having less equipment.

It’s time to retire your lawn mower for good with artificial grass! You’ll never need to mow your synthetic grass lawn just to keep it at your preferred height, so you can slash that off your list of chores. With artificial grass, your toolbox only needs:

• Hose

• Leaf blower

• Rake

• Stiff brush

That’s all you need to keep in your yard toolbox as long as your grounds are covered with synthetic grass. They’re much cheaper than conventional grass maintenance equipment, and chances are you already have them in your home.

  • Keeping the lawn free from debris.

Similar to real grass, dust, dirt, and debris can eventually accumulate on your synthetic turf. Use your leaf blower or lawn sweeper to clear out dirt and fallen leaves to maintain the looks of artificial grass.

  • Cleaning the turf from time to time.

Every three months or so, try to tend to your artificial grass yard. You might want to do this more often if you have kids or dogs who play a lot on the turf to keep everything sanitary. Wash down the turf, and use a mild solution of water and vinegar or detergent to remove odors and stains completely.

  • Brushing the turf.

Remember, even the toughest artificial grass blades will bend over time. To keep synthetic grass looking its best, schedule regular brushing, especially when you frequently host activities on your yard. Some tips for brushing artificial grass are:

• Ideally, you should use synthetic bristles at least five inches long for the job.

• Avoid using metal bristles since it can damage the turf.

• Don’t use too much force to prevent uneven spots.

• Brush upright and keep the grass blades aligned.

  • Rinsing immediately in case of spills and pet waste.

Premium synthetic grass for pets in Tracy is designed with a porous backing that drains urine and other fluids away from the surface to leave it dry. However, it’s best to rinse the potty spot every time your dog is done to prevent creating bad odors and to keep your lawn hygienic.

Learn More About Artificial Grass

A low-maintenance yard is not the only thing you should get excited with affordable artificial turf services in Tracy. You can also look forward to a gorgeous lawn throughout the year, enjoyable outdoor space to bond with friends and family, and endless possibilities on what you can do with your yard. For more information about synthetic turf, call Tracy Artificial Grass at 209-714-2744 today!