Want to let your dog play more often outside without worrying about their safety and your lawn’s condition? Cover your yard with the best quality synthetic grass in Tracy!

With artificial turf, your dog would hardly miss playing on a live lawn. Cutting-edge technology has made it possible for synthetic grass to look and feel like the real thing minus its demanding upkeep requirements. Spend less time on lawn maintenance chores and enjoy more playtimes with your pooch!

4 Reasons Your Dog Will Love Artificial Grass

An expansive, pet-friendly play space is a must when it comes to canines, especially for big breeds. They need to have enough room to expend their energy, burn calories and stay active. A natural lawn may seem like the best option, but it comes with hazards that can diminish your dog’s outdoor experience.

Having a synthetic grass backyard will help your dog meet their daily playtime requirements without getting exposed to common live lawn risks. Here are the reasons your pooch will enjoy playing on artificial turf:

1. It neither attracts nor generates allergy-causing pollen.

Pollen can trigger allergies in dogs, which will not only keep them from having fun outside but also endanger their health. You don’t have to worry about this with an artificial grass yard. Synthetic grass for pets in Tracy does not attract bees, beetles and other pollinating insects the way natural grass does. It also doesn’t produce pollen. Say goodbye to bothersome allergies from now on!

2. It is not habitable to ticks or fleas.

Artificial turf copies natural grass to a tee, but it doesn’t attract ticks and fleas like the real thing. Once these blood-sucking parasites latch onto the fur, they’re difficult to get rid of completely. They can leave irritating bites and transmit various diseases if they’re not removed immediately. With a critter-free landscape, you can let your pooch play around as much as they wants on the turf!

3. It dries up immediately after rain.

After a rainy day, your dog may want to play in the yard. Because of the turf’s proprietary drainage system, synthetic grass does not accumulate mud and water after rain. It also does not get slippery when wet. Your canine can run around and roll over the turf without slipping or getting dirty.

4. It is odor-free.

The best quality synthetic grass in Tracy contains anti-microbial infill that eliminates odors due to pet waste. After your dog answers the call of nature, just wipe off the poop and hose down the area to get rid of its remnants. The turf’s infill will take care of the rest, letting your canine keep playing in a clean space!

Give Your Dog the Best Playtimes with a Synthetic Grass Landscape!

Keep your pooch happy and healthy with artificial grass! Not only will they enjoy themself, but you will also benefit from the turf’s low upkeep requirements and get extra bonding with your pet.

Secure pet-friendly artificial turf services in Tracy to make your yard better! Let Tracy Artificial Grass transform your home landscape into a doggy paradise. Our grass installations offer the following benefits:

• No need for mowing or watering
• Dirt-free grounds
• Odor-eliminating turf
• 100% made in the USA
• Durable cushioning infill
• Up to 15 years warranty

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