Adding the perfect putting green in Tracy to your home starts with a smart, space-specific design. Come up with a course layout that caters to your particular needs and golfing objectives, then pick the synthetic turf that best complements the design.

Be selective. Remember, the putting green has a significant impact on your golfing experience. Invest in the artificial grass that best fits your course requirements, from the surface texture down to the aesthetic value of the green.

6 Factors to Consider for the Ideal Putting Green

For neophytes in putting greens design and installation, establishing their turf requirements can be a confusing task. Consider these factors when choosing your putting green to find the perfect one for your personal course:

  1. Size of the Putting Green

To determine the ideal size of putting green for your golf course, you need to consider two things. The first is the size of your lawn —this will dictate the extent of your personal golf course. The second is the purpose of your putting area. Do you need it to practice your short stroke, hone your chip shot, or get the hang of the various types of putts?

Avoid costly mishaps down the line of your putting green project. Determine the size of your course before considering the rest of the design.

  1. Turf Type

Choose your synthetic turf material carefully. For the best, budget-friendly selection, establish a balance between the quality and the cost of the artificial grass.

    • Polypropylene turf is cost-effective and of good quality; however, it can wear out easily when constantly exposed to heavy foot traffic.
    • Polyethylene turf, on the other hand, is more expensive but is more durable. It maintains its shape in the face of high-intensity sports and heavy foot traffic.

Explore the various types of putting green in Tracy before settling on one for your space.

  1. Course Difficulty

After determining the space and picking a turf, the next thing that you need to decide on is the difficulty of the course. Adding in a slight slope or an angle is key. Start by plotting out the locations of the holes throughout your golf course. Use them as the basis of your putting green shape, design and obstacles.

  1. Pet-Friendliness

Got a dog? Golf greens are rarely separated from the rest of the yard, so your canine companion may find his way onto your course. Invest in low-maintenance synthetic grass for pets in Tracy to minimize pet-related damage to your turf.

High-quality artificial grass has an efficient drainage system that can quickly get rid of urine and emanating odors. Your dog will also try to dig fewer holes since there is hardly any dirt in artificial golf turf.

  1. Special Features

Your putting green, your design. You can add a small dip or sand trap anywhere you want on the design. You can implement a theme or mimic the layout of your favorite golf course. Just keep in mind the goals you want to achieve with your landscape design. If you have enough space, put in multiple holes for shooting from various directions.

  1. Shape of the Green

Do you have a specific putting green design in mind? You can achieve it easily with artificial turf. Durable and versatile, synthetic putting greens can be designed into any shape to fit all types of layouts. Add special features to your putting area or go for designs like the ones at your local golf course. Consult with your artificial grass landscaper and installer to develop the design that would suit you best.

Select the Best Turf for Your Putting Green

Artificial turf companies have designed products that cater to every golfer’s special needs. The blades and infill of their synthetic turf perfectly mimic those on the actual course. This will help you greatly when trying to master your game.

Select only the best synthetic grass in Tracy for your golf course. Trust Tracy Artificial Grass for high-quality artificial putting greens and expert installation solutions. Call us at 408-723-4954 for a FREE quote on your turf installation project!