Legends such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Greg Norman did not become legends overnight —they practiced playing on small courses and spent years perfecting their craft. Now, with the best putting green in Tracy, CA, even you can practice right in the convenience of your home!

3 Ways Installing High-Quality Putting Green Can Up Your Game

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional golfer, having a backyard putting green will definitely improve your short stroke and give you easy access to practice your form. Here are the top three ways a backyard artificial putting green can help boost your game performance:

1. An Improved Putting Stroke

Golfers tend to tighten up when finishing their putting stroke. Fret not. A backyard putting green allows you to practice your short stroke regularly. This is an effective way to get rid of the nerves before completing the closing shot.

2. More Accurate Shots

Artificial grass boasts consistent blade length and thickness like natural turf putting green. The life-like feel and characteristic of synthetic grass make it easier for both starters and pros to practice their short stroke and ensure accurate speed, strong follow through, and ball roll, which are integral to the shot.

Besides, practicing on low maintenance synthetic grass for pets in Tracy will not only allow you to recreate every angle accurately on the pro-green itself. It will also make it easier for you to maintain the surface without all the hassles of keeping natural turf.

3. Improved Ball Control

Efficient ball control is key to a winning shot — and this involves knowing and mastering many different aspects. These include ball speed, distance, sloping away and toward the cup, and creating chip shots.

Better ball control can be achieved through regular practice and dedication to improvement. Regular training on a golf course, however, can be costly and time consuming. With the best putting green in Tracy installed right at your home, this is not a problem. It will allow you to:

    ✓ Practice any time of the day

    ✓ Invite friends over for a friendly golf match

    ✓ Save money on golf cart rentals and long drives to the golf course

Putting and chipping all need precise ball handling. With the ideal type of green, you can practice any shot; plus, you get the chance to improve your form whenever!

Get Your Dream Putting Green from Tracy Artificial Grass!

Practice your shooting form on the green regularly and take your golfing game up a notch! With a putting green installation, practicing golf is made more convenient and more accessible. Expect a great investment with an artificial turf putting green that:

    ✓ Can hold chip shots from up to 120 yards

    ✓ Has adjustable stimp speeds of 10-13

    ✓ Is highly customizable and can adapt to any space

    ✓ Is backed by 8-15 years warranty

Don’t waste time chasing your golfing dream. Fulfil your quest to be a world class-golfer by installing a putting green made of high-quality artificial grass in Tracy. Call Tracy Artificial Grass now at 209-714-2744 for a FREE quote on your putting green installation.