Once your synthetic lawn installation is complete, you’ll soon realize what makes natural, artificial grass in Tracy such a fantastic investment. Enjoy relaxing weekends free from yard chores, a perfectly manicured yard and a safer surface for bonding with family, friends and pets! As the seasons pass, you’ll also notice why it’s uniquely suited for outdoor use. Get to know the weather-resistant qualities of synthetic turf!

3 Weather-Resistant Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Top-quality artificial grass can last up to 20 years. To do so, it needs to endure harsh outdoor conditions without losing its looks or performance. Below are three ways it resists the effects of weather:

1. It’s UV stable.

Heavy UV exposure, especially in locations with hot climates, will quickly degrade any lawn. Premium synthetic grass in Tracy is built to be UV stable, which means it won’t sustain damage from prolonged exposure to the sun. This prevents the splitting and breaking of the yarns, decrease in tensile strength and color fading despite constant exposure.

2. It’s rain-proof.

Continuous humidity and large amounts of rain can cause drainage issues and grass disease on natural lawns. In contrast, this is not a concern with synthetic grass. The turf is installed over a permeable drainage backing that draws away moisture and directs it into the subsoil below. This prevents puddling, soil diseases, and other issues related to wet weather.

3. It’s frost-resistant.

Winter is rough on real grass. Fail to prepare your yard for the cold season, and you run the risk of a dead, patchy lawn come springtime.

On the other hand, natural, artificial grass in Tracy will get you through the winter months without worry. It doesn’t need any special maintenance to protect it from the cold. Its grass blades won’t break even if they freeze.

Have Year-Round Fun with Artificial Grass

Since artificial grass is resistant to most weather conditions, you can enjoy your outdoor space as much as you want all year long. Add these activities on top of your checklist to maximize your turf:

• Practice your golf swings

Practice your putting skills in the comfort of your home with the installation of a putting green in Tracy! Forget about driving to the range just to get some tee time. Customizable putting greens make it easy and convenient to play your favorite game.

• Host a BBQ party

With artificial grass, you don’t have to wait for summer to throw some steaks and burgers on the grill. Synthetic turf provides a fresh background to your outdoor parties, and it only takes a quick rinse to get rid of any spilled food and drinks.

• Teach your dog new tricks

Pet-friendly turf is the ideal surface to teach your dog new tricks and commands. Train them to roll over, shake hands and fetch on durable pet turf. Once your pooch gets tired of the lessons, let them run around and take naps on the soft artificial grass.

Finally, make the most of your artificial grass investment with expert installation. Tracy Artificial Grass is your trusted installer and supplier of the finest turf products and accessories in the area. Call us at 408-723-4954 to learn more!