Aside from putting greens in Tracy, there are many other creative uses for artificial turf. This is because unlike natural grass, it is easier to maintain, is more resistant to damage, and has more flexible applications. Below are just some of the extraordinary ways that you can utilize synthetic turf:

  • Home Carpeting

For homeowners, getting artificial turf for indoor and basement carpeting is a great idea. It gives you a taste of the outdoors right at your home. You can even let your pet play around on it.

  • Landscapes

Synthetic turf is the best option for any landscape project.

• It can be utilized for garden pathways and small spots under your table and chairs. • The turf can also be cut into various shapes like squares and circles to make stepping stones and standing areas or pads for statues or bird baths. • It could also be used as borders and outlines for various landscaped areas.

  • Recreational Areas

Because of the many lengths and colors of artificial turf, it can be used well for patterns and designs. Artificial grass may be used for game boards and play areas. In fact, you can have a big chessboard design with the use of artificial turf.

  • Seating

You can also use artificial turf for seat cushions for small lawn furniture and picnic tables.  The grass can also be used to cover benches and little tables. Seat cushions also work for bleachers at sports fields.

  • Patio Yards

Don’t have enough space for a yard?  You can use artificial grass in Tracy to make one. If you want a small yard, place a small part of turf on the deck.

  • Event and Exhibitions

If you have a stand at a trade fair, you’d want to call attention to it. Try adding a touch of nature to your booth with an artificial grass setup. Its calming and organic appearance will certainly attract passers-by and drive interest in your product. You can also easily install it before the event and roll it back up right after. What’s more, you can use it for future presentations!

  • Offices

Some people find the traditional office setup boring. To make the workplace more exciting, some companies have started installing artificial grass.  Doing so gives the staff the feeling that they are working outdoors, and this helps calm their minds. As a result, the grass landscape helps improve their productivity.

  • Furniture and Accessories

Need a welcome mat or a placemat for your pet’s food?  Want a long table with a surface that looks like a lawn for your party? You can use turf for these purposes as well! Using artificial grass can break the monotony of your house and liven it up in a quirky way!

It’s Easy to Be Green

Gone are the days that a green landscape is confined to lawns and outdoor areas. Thanks to artificial turf, you can have grass themed designs almost anywhere you want! If you have unique ideas for synthetic grass for pets in Tracy, we at Tracy Artificial Grass can help you get it on the first try!  Fill out the contact form on our website, and let our team of grass installation experts help you with your dream project!