Proper drainage is essential to a healthy landscape. If you’re starting to see bare roots, stagnant puddles and water rivulets throughout your yard, then you likely have drainage issues. Not only are they unsightly, but they can lead to mosquito infestations, rot, mud and other severe damage to your home and property. Tired of keeping up with drainage problems? Install the best synthetic grass in Tracy for an effective, long-term solution.

4 Common Yard Drainage Issues

Most yard drainage problems are the result of a low-quality installation and poor landscape design. Common drainage issues include:

  1. Poor Elevation

Inadequate grading and the absence of an efficient sub-surface drainage system can lead to water stagnating at the foundation of your home. Usually a result of inadequate elevation during construction, this spells trouble to structures in contact with the problem areas. Extensive exposure to moisture can damage walls and wood floors, which can eventually mean foundation failure.

  1. Water Traps

Another consequence of improper grading is the creation of depression or holes that hold excess water. This can make marshy conditions that will ultimately kill your plant material and turf.

  1. Improper Slope for Paving

Without a proper slope, hardscape surfaces such as walkways, terraces, driveways, and decks can cause drainage problems and flooding.

  1. Incorrect Plant Bed Design

A poor plant bed design impedes the natural flow of water, which may cause it to pool and stagnate in certain areas. Possible results include root rot, mud accumulation and, in extreme cases, the death of your plants. Even worse, the excess water can go toward the direction of your home and cause serious damage to its foundation.

Solving Drainage Problems with Artificial Grass

Once these drainage problems occur in a natural lawn, they can be hard to fix without redesigning the whole landscape. Instead of tackling each issue whenever they happen, it’s more practical to go for a more permanent solution for your drainage dilemma. Here’s how excellent artificial grass in Tracy can help:

  • Level Surface

Professional installers prepare your yard for artificial grass by leveling the ground to ensure appropriate slope. They’ll also examine your landscape to determine the ideal elevation to guide the water runoff.

  • Efficient Drainage

The best synthetic grass in Tracy is designed with a porous, sophisticated drainage backing that pulls water away from the surface and into the subsoil. It can drain gallons of water quickly, preventing the formation of stagnant water.

  • No Need for Watering

You don’t need to water artificial grass to maintain its look. This means that there’s considerably less water to create pools in the yard.

  • Stable Infill and Backing

Got tasteful depressions, holes and dips in your landscape design that may collect water? Grass installers will help you select the right backing and infill for your home’s unique condition. This prevents the contraction and expansion of the turf, leaving it consistently level at all points.

Artificial Grass: The Solution to Natural Lawn Drainage Issues

Solve your yard drainage problems for good with high-quality artificial turf services in Tracy. Aside from efficient drainage, synthetic grass also offers a low-maintenance and cost-effective way to enjoy an evergreen lawn for a fraction of the stress and hassle.

Contact Tracy Artificial Grass today at 408-723-4954, and let’s discuss how synthetic turf can enhance your lawn experience!