Synthetic grass is an excellent interior design element. Unlike the real thing, it can be cut into various shapes and sizes and can be installed on wood, cement, concrete, tiles and other indoor surfaces. It can also accommodate constant use and heavy furnishings without getting damaged. Add a fresh pop of color to your indoor spaces with these creative ideas using the best artificial grass in Tracy!

Smart Design Ideas Using Synthetic Grass Indoors

Thanks to artificial turf’s incredible versatility, the sky is the limit when it comes to integrating artificial turf into interior design. Check out these brilliant ideas for various indoor space:

Design Ideas for Your Home

Let’s start with your home. Wow your guests, make a statement, and upgrade your space’s functionality with these synthetic turf ideas:

• Use artificial grass to create a statement wall.

• Add a synthetic putting green into a spacious room.

• Carpet floors with the best artificial grass in Tracy.

• Cover only a portion of the floor using synthetic turf.

Design Ideas for Apartments

Rental owners stand to gain a lot from incorporating artificial grass into their units and communal spaces. The versatile turf can improve the curb appeal, safety and tenant retention rate of their apartment complex. Consider these creative ideas:

• Create a beautiful front lawn with artificial grass.

• Make the lobby area more inviting using synthetic turf.

• Use artificial grass to soften stairs and their landings.

• Spruce up balconies and roof decks with synthetic turf.

Design Ideas for Hospitals

Not all areas of a healthcare center must be antiseptic with their design. Integrating high-quality synthetic grass in Tracy into some hospital spaces can make the whole place more inviting. Consider these artificial turf ideas:

• Transform waiting areas with synthetic turf.

• Cover the hospital’s green spaces with artificial grass.

• Infuse a touch of nature into the lobby area using synthetic turf.

• Scatter carpets and rugs made of artificial grass throughout the facility.

Design Ideas for Offices

Add a touch of nature to your workplace with synthetic turf. Not only leave a great impression on your guests, clients and visiting business partners, but its verdant hue will also improve your team’s morale and productivity. Here are some smart artificial grass ideas for office spaces:

• Add a lush facility to your staff room with a synthetic putting green.

• Carpet conference rooms and boardrooms using artificial grass.

• Incorporate a pop of nature into your waiting area with a synthetic turf rug.

• Enliven drab rooms by covering one or more of their walls with artificial grass.

Upgrade Your Home with Artificial Grass

Let Tracy Artificial Grass take care of your indoor installation. We carry top-quality synthetic turf that comes with these amazing advantages:

✓ Realistic Look and Feel

✓ Proprietary Drainage

✓ Easy-to-Maintain Turf

✓ Dirt-Free Surface

✓ Non-Toxic Material

✓ 100% Made in the US

✓ Up to 15 Years of Warranty

✓ And More!

We supply purpose-specific products, from synthetic putting green turf to pet-friendly synthetic grass for pets in Tracy.  Entrust your project to our team for a fast, seamless and error-free installation. Call us now at 408-723-4954 for inquiries!