Artificial grass in Tracy may not need as much work as a natural lawn, but it does require a bit of care to look and function at its best. Even the most resilient artificial grass will eventually get flattened by consistent use, heavy outdoor furniture and foot traffic. Knowing when and how to brush your turf is key to consistently attractive synthetic turf.

Why Does Artificial Grass Go Flat?

Artificial grass is usually transported in rolls, and this compresses the fibers in one direction. Installers brush the turf before laying it on the infill to make sure it stands upright. In addition, top-quality artificial grass does not flatten or bend easily. Some are designed with a textured root effect and central nerve that makes the fiber bounce upwards. Over time, however, normal wear and tear will push down the turf to a certain extent. If neglected for too long, artificial grass will not just flatten, but potentially break and get matted.

How to Keep Artificial Grass in an Upright Position

Fortunately, it only takes a little effort and time to keep synthetic turf upright. Use the following tips to keep your artificial lawn looking lush:

✔ Brush the turf regularly.

Brushing the turf is the most effective way to keep it from flattening. You don’t have to do it too often. Brush your grass every couple of months or more, especially when you use your yard frequently.

✔ Use synthetic bristles.

Never use brushes with wire or metal bristles since these can damage the turf. Instead, employ a brush with synthetic bristles. It will get the job done while being gentle on the fibers. You can use either of the following tools to brush your grass:

• A Stiff Broom

This old-school method is just as effective as any modern tool!  Sweep all over your turf to fluff up the strands. Using a stiff broom also helps remove dog hair from synthetic grass for pets in Tracy.

• A Power Brush

While a broom works well, it can take a lot of time to sweep every inch of your lawn manually. You can cut down on the effort by using an artificial grass power brush. It’s especially useful during autumn when you need to clean out leaves and other debris often. A power brush is also an excellent investment if you have a large lawn.

Ask your installer to recommend the right power brush for your type of turf. A power brush not only straightens up the grass blades as you go, but it also removes all leaves, dust and debris along the way.

✔ Hire a professional turf groomer.

Professional grooming may be required for old artificial lawns and yards which have not been groomed for a long time. They may use a mechanical brush to fix the fibers and add sand infill to re-establish a solid foundation for the turf. If you have a backyard putting green in Tracy, you may also want to entrust its maintenance to the pros to preserve proper ball roll.

✔ Apply the cross-brushing technique.

Cross-brushing the turf simply means brushing the fibers in the opposite direction they’re leaning to. Do this gently to restore their upright appearance without damaging the synthetic blades.

Get Spectacular Results for Your Synthetic Turf Project

From installation to after-care, you can trust Tracy Artificial Grass to help you keep your lawn looking stellar. We’re happy to give you advice and help you with your installation project. Call us today at 408-723-4954 to learn more about the benefits of artificial grass in Tracy!