A backyard putting green in Tracy is an essential amenity for both pro and casual golfers. It offers unlimited tee time complemented by minimal maintenance, a more beautiful landscape and years’ worth of investment.

Another benefit of owning a backyard green is the limitless ways you can customize your game experience. And for the more adventurous golfers, it’s the perfect way to try out unusual but fun challenges to sharpen their skills.

Creative Challenges for Backyard Putting Greens

Variety is crucial in a backyard putting green. It keeps things exciting and forces players to stay on their toes and come up with ways to reach golf holes.

The best way to add more variety to a putting green without drastically altering its topography or design is to add obstacles. Here are some creative challenges to consider for your green:

  • Temporarily incorporate parts of the yard into your course.

Extend your play surface by covering the hardscaped areas close to it (e.g., a patio, porch, courtyard, etc.) with artificial grass in Tracy.

You don’t have to permanently cover these areas with synthetic turf. Just fashion a huge carpet from artificial grass for putting greens and place it on top of the hardscaped area. Roll the turf up and keep it once you’re done with your game.

However, covering them completely with turf is possible with artificial grass. If you want to go all out with your landscape, discuss the idea with your installers!

  • Get inspired by mini-golf courses.

Place a ton of obstacles in your putting green to make it more challenging. You can use whatever outdoor décor you have on hand as an obstacle, such as rocks, potted plants and garden statues. This will have you planning out your swings and searching for ways to maneuver around obstacles.

  • Incorporate Skee-Ball mechanics.

A Skee-Ball refers to a bowling-type game that involves shooting balls into holes with different points by rolling them up a ramp and off to a jump. It’s a common game in arcade stations.

Adding a Skee-Ball feature to your putting green in Tracy will help you hone your control over your swings and angle strategies. To succeed, you’ll need to hit the golf ball with a certain amount of force at a particular angle. You can aim for specific holes or strive to get the highest score possible in a set amount of time.

Not using it for your short game? Let family and friends have fun with it, too!

  • Create paths.

This is a great way to add directional obstacles to synthetic grass in Tracy. Use any long material you have on hand (e.g., wooden planks, pool noodles, etc.) to add paths to your course. You can place them in pairs, which would force you to roll the ball between them or in singles. You can also create tunnels from pipes.

Spice Up Your Golf Game with Artificial Grass!

Whether you have a simple strip or a naturally challenging course, it pays to spice it up from time to time. Use these obstacle ideas or come up with your ways to up the difficulty level of your green.

If you want to beautify your artificial putting green or just need more ideas to up the challenge of your course, Tracy Artificial Grass has you covered. Our team would be happy to help you with top-quality synthetic turf and expert installation services. Call us now at 408-723-4954 to get started!