While nothing beats a pristine swimming pool bordered by beautiful, green grass, few homeowners use natural turf for their poolside areas. This is because few grass types are tough enough to survive the constant overspill and high foot traffic common in such places. Determined to give your pool that lush look? Invest in synthetic grass for pets in Tracy.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pools

More than just a tough alternative to the real thing, synthetic turf offers several benefits for pool areas natural grass can never match:

1. It is incredibly durable.

Artificial grass can withstand wear and tear due to high foot traffic without sustaining damage. It is also tough enough to accommodate heavy furnishings, so feel free to lounge chairs, hammocks, sectionals, tables and other outdoor furniture on top of it.

2. It is soil-free.

Artificial grass in Tracy completely covers the soil, so there’s no chance of mud forming around your pool surrounds or dirt ending up in the water.

3. It does not add debris to your pool.

Spend less time skimming your pool for waste when you go synthetic. While artificial fibers do get bent under constant use, they never break. Hence, they won’t contribute to the debris that saturates your swimming pool.

4. It is chemical-Free.

Maintaining natural grass entails the use of weedicides, pesticides, herbicides and other toxic solutions. These can contaminate the pool waters and pose health hazards to pool users. Remove this risk with artificial grass, which stays in top condition without relying on such chemicals.

5. It dries up fast.

Water puddles can make your poolside areas slippery and accident-prone. They can also give way to mold and mildew buildup due to the stagnant water. Synthetic has a built-in perforation in its base mat, which drains water immediately to prevent puddle formations. It dries fast under the sun once all excess moisture is drained.

6. It provides a safer surround surface.

Synthetic grass for pets in Tracy is not just composed of slip-resistant materials, which minimizes slips and other accidents. It is also soft and sturdy enough to cushion falls. Invest in extra padding when you purchase synthetic turf to boost your installation’s impact-absorbing properties.

7. It is easy to maintain.

It doesn’t take much to keep synthetic turf in top condition since it requires none of the upkeep tasks essential in natural grass care. You don’t need to water, fertilize, mow, trim and apply chemical solutions to keep it lush.

To take care of artificial grass, you just need to keep it clear of debris, give it a good rinse from time to time, and brush up its grass blades occasionally. Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time maintaining its surroundings when you go synthetic.

Level Up Your Pool Experience with Synthetic Grass

Enhance the looks and functionality of your poolside area without over-complicating its upkeep. For premium grass supplies and comprehensive artificial turf services in Tracy, look no further than Tracy Artificial Grass. Count on our team for fast, efficient, and error-free installations. Call 408-723-4954 now for inquiries!