No matter how much grey your senior dog may have around their muzzle, they’re still a puppy inside —which means they still love playing outside! However, older canines face more challenges when it comes to moving around. Give your pooch a safe, beautiful outdoor paradise during their golden years with the best synthetic grass for pets in Tracy!

4 Advantages of Artificial Grass for Senior Dogs

Senior dogs need exercise and time in the sun just as much as their younger counterparts. Not only do these keep their bodies strong, but they’re also essential to their happiness. Unfortunately, a natural lawn may not be ideal for older dogs. Its firmer surface, presence of pests and weeds, and complex maintenance requirements can make outdoor time difficult for both you and your dog. In this case, pet owners should consider covering their lawn with artificial grass in Tracy instead. Its many benefits include:

1 It’s non-toxic.

Natural grass requires frequent applications of pesticides, weedicides and fertilizers to remain healthy. Canines can get sick from these toxic solutions. Synthetic grass helps protect your dog’s health from these chemicals, which usually linger long after their application. A non-toxic surface is critical for senior dogs since they have vulnerable immune systems.

2 It has a cushioned surface

Soil, especially those in hotter climates, can be too firm for an older dog’s joints. Keep in mind that senior dogs will still play like they’re young. This means they’ll run around, dig and jump all over the yard as often as you’d let them. Soften the impact on their joints with pet turf. Artificial grass has a cushioned layer that provides a gentler landing surface compared with a natural lawn.

3 It can assist with indoor potty training.

As they grow older, dogs tend to have more potty accidents inside the house. They may not be able to go out the door in time to go in the yard, and eventually, you may have to resort to indoor potty measures to make it easier for them.

If your dog is used to going potty on artificial grass, all you need to do is design a bathroom area in the house that’s made of turf. Your canine will recognize the texture, making it easier to train them to do their business indoors properly.

More importantly, it’s easy to clean up waste from synthetic grass for pets in Tracy. Simply rinse urine out with some soap and water, then pick up solid waste.

4 It’s mud-free.

No matter how old your dog may be, dirty paws all over the house will always be a problem if you still have a natural lawn. Leave muddy furniture and floors behind with artificial grass! Since it completely covers the soil, there’s no chance for mud to be made.

Heavy rain is no match for pet turf either since it will quickly drain through the porous layer and keep the surface dry and slip-free. Enjoy cleaner paws and a cleaner home with synthetic grass.

Invest in Artificial Grass for Your Dogs

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